Nate Levin's Website

I'm Developing Games!

This website is for everything Nate Levin.

I'm Nate Levin, an amatuer game developer, filmmaker, DJ, and electronics enthusiast. Navigate through the website using the bar at the top.

Click here to go to the editor for my programming language, B². Here are the technical docs.
I developed this website myself, purely using html, javascript, and css. If you go to the social section of this website you'll see an area where you can talk to other visitors of this site.

If your here looking for DevFever, that project has been discontinued. You can still access it (and the code) by clicking this link, though it doesn't work anymore.

Have a game idea? Don't know how to code? Or, are you a developer and can't come up with ideas? Why not submit it to my game idea code share. Feel free to use any ideas on it, or submit your own.

This website coded by Nate Levin.